About the textile

Our collections are made with regenerated nylon that comes from recycled fishing nets!

93% ECONYL® regenerated nylon

7% Zero Waste Spandex


But we wanted to do more!

For every swimsuit sold, the Suntribe preserves 20 square meters of virgin rainforest in Kalimantan, Indonesia!

Cleaning our oceans,

one bikini at a time


What is the Suntribe?

We are dreamers, makers, nature enthusiasts and unstoppable travelers.

It’s simple, just a couple that fell madly in love with the sea, the creatures that live in it and everything that surround it. Heartbroken we decided to jump into the journey, tired of watching how humans can do, consciously or unconsciously. Us, with our hearts wide open, decided to make a change, as insignificant it might sound we are cleaning the sea, one bikini at time.


After visiting near and far lands, we landed in Indonesia and we saw the truth:

it involves a lot of garbage, the paradise was covered in plastic.

In that very moment we found our way, but we needed help, lots of it.

We need to clean the oceans, starting by the things we buy.

On our journey we met the right people (yes, on the way we found a lot of beautiful humans!)

with a earth-directed mind, just like us, and it this is how we gathered the courage to believe we can put a grain of sand and make wonders,

we just needed to start.


We are a brand focused on preserve oceans, jungles and people.

It developed faster that we thought, it’s amazing the response we received and how easy people joined forces for a common will.

Do you wanna be part of this?

We need you, the planet needs us!




93% recycled fishing nets & 7% zero waste spandex

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