Sustainability is the new Luxury


Currently we collaborate with local communities and brand in different areas of the world, and every one has the same values.

Our collections are all recycled:

the thread is made with fishing nets, plastic and waste found in our oceans.

After recollecting the fishing nets,

they goes throe a  complex process throw US, Asia and than Italy.

Finally we send the recycled textile to Indonesia wher

 local people sew the final product.

Straight from Bali to your door!


We employ around 100 full time personnel.

All are entitled to join our medical insurance plan, free of charge.

This covers not just each employee, but also their spouse and up to three children.

All the medical treatments and visits to the doctors are covered free of charge.
None of our employees are paid under the minimum legal wage.

It’s a great place to work!



How and where do we give back?

For every swimsuit we manufacture for you, we protect 20 square meters of virgin rainforest in Kalimantan Indonesia.

Further, we are assisting in the building of a Rainforest Observation Center where people can go & see the forest in its primordial state.

This is an ongoing project that we intend to expand as time goes on.

Please go to for more info.


93% recycled fishing nets & 7% zero waste spandex

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